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Biochemistry Analyzer

YSD100 Medical Device High Qualified Automatic Analyzer

YSD100 Portable Full-Auto Biochemistry Analyzer
clinical device fully automatic chemistry analyzer

Brief Introduction
YSD-100  chemistry system is compact and easy to transport.
It is applied to lithium heparin anticoagulant whole blood, serum and plasma for clinical biochemistry analysis.
For entire analysis, the YSD100 portable auto chemistry analyzer s requires 100ul sample and is capable of providing results in about 12 minutes.
YSD100system consists of a portable analyzer and single-use disposable reagent discs.

AdvantageSimple operation
Free of centrifugation, water treatment system and professional doctor.
Anyone can operate only by 3 steps.
Add 100ul whole blood into disc, put disc into analyzer and delay 12 minutes to print.
Little sample volume
Sample volume is one-twentieth to one-tenth of normal chemistry analyzer.
Accurate Result
Test sample and dilution volume measured by mould, without random error.
No carryover.
Portable,5 Kg, 0.02m3
Provide with AC and DC power, suitable for use at movable place and outdoor.
Free maintenance
Auto QC and real time Calibrate.
Stroboscopic xenon lamp, service life is over one hundred million times.
No internal fluid flow, no pump and valve, decrease machine fault.
Test Items:

The Types of Biochemistry Reagent Disc
1.       14Conventional Parameters TC,ALT,AMY,ALB,ALP,GLU,GGT,UA,AST,TBIL,UREA,CREA,TG,TP
2.       13 Health Check Parameters ALT,ALB, AST, AMY, CA, CREA, GLU, TBIL, CK,TG,UREA, PHOS, TP, GLOB*
4. 8 Kidney Function Co2, CA,ALB,GLU,UA,P,UREA,CREA
5. 7 Electrolyte K+, Na+, Cl, CA, CO2, Mg, P
6.  6  LipidParameters ALT, ALP, AST, GLU, UREA, CREA, TP, LDH, CK
7. 15 Comprehensive metabolism NA,ALT,CO2,CA,ALB,ALP,GLU,CL,UA,AST,TBIL,UREA,CREA,K,TP
8. The Others It is workable to customize according to your request.


Sample Type Lithium Heparin Anticoagulant whole blood, serum and plasma
Sample Volume 100ul
Bar Code Two-dimensional bar code automatically read
Testing Time 12mini/person
Testing Principle Absorption spectroscopy, transmission turdimetry
Analyzing Method End point, rate, fixed time, turbidimetry etc.
Temperature 37ºC±0.2ºC
Absorbance 0-3.0Abs
Resolution 0.0001Abs
Carryover 0
QC & Calibrate Auto and real-time to complete
Work Environment Temperature:0-35ºC  Humidity:<90%
Light Path System After the filter spectral,8 wave length synchronous detection:340,405,450,505,546,600,630,850nm
Light source 12V/20W, over 2500hours lifespan, halogen tungsten lamp
Power AC100V-220V,50-60Hz;
Display 7 true color LCD touch screen, multi-language choice.
Storage >100 thousand
Printer Built-in thermal printer, external printer
Data Port 4USB,1RS232,System upgrade by WIFI
Weight 5Kg
Dimension 31(H)*21(W)*28(L)CM

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